[English below] Razem z EY Global Delivery Services Poland zapraszamy na marcowe wydarzenie.
Kiedy? 30 marca o 18:00 w Bema Plaza (pl.Bema 2). Włączamy się w GeekWeekWro i dlatego wraz z innymi wrocławskimi społecznościami organizujemy spotkanie pomiędzy 27 a 31 marca.
Podczas spotkania usłyszycie 2 prelekcje pracowników EY Global Delivery Services.
Tematy prelekcji:
1. Women in InfoSec: Past, present and future
2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): future or just science fiction.
Udział w spotkaniu jest bezpłatny, ale obowiązują zapisy: www.eywit.eventbrite.com. Zapisy ruszą w czwartek, 23 marca o 20:00 oraz w sobotę, 25 marca o godz.10:00.

45. Women in Technology meeting is organized with EY Global Delivery Services Poland.
Let’s celebrate all together GeekWeekWro with 2 talks and 5 speakers.
Topics of presentations:
1. Women in InfoSec: Past, present and future
2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): future or just science fiction.
Entry is free, but don’t remember about ticket: www.eywit.eventbrite.com!

About „Women in InfoSec: Past, present and future” will tell: Gonzalo Pereyra, Daniel Ramirez and Barbara Antol.
Gonzalo Pereyra has been in the security industry for the last 8 years. He joined EY in November 2015 as a Digital Forensics & Incident Response Specialist. His background ranges from system administration to incident response, malware analysis, reverse engineering and security management. He holds a degree from the University of Buenos Aires and has several industry certifications such as CISSP and CIPP.


Daniel Ramirez finished his studies in Computer Science at the Universitat Autonoma Barcelona. He joined EY in November 2015 working as a Security Specialist. He specializes in application security.He is also interested in penetration testings, malware analysis and reverse engineering. He is now preparing the OSCP certification.


Barbara Antol joined EY in 2016. She is responsible for performing security reviews on applications. She has background as an IT Specialist and Security Engineer and has industry certifications such as CompTIA Security+ and Network+.


„Robotic Process Automation (RPA): future or just science fiction.”
Marcin Bickmann, Lead for Functional Support & Improvements – Proximity Services – experienced Project Manager, Financial Systems Specialist and Process expert.
Focused on improvements, automations and RPA. 13 Years of work experience (8 at EY).


Karolina Szynkarczuk, RPA Project Manager – professional with over 6 years of operational and project management experience in international business and process optimization and transformation. Successful and progressive experience in customer services and business process re-modeling. Currently Robotics Process Automation Project Manager responsible for E2E RPA Project Execution in a various business lines. Passionate about new technologies, process automation and IoT.