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Foundations of Effective Communication workshop

Foundations of Effective Communication workshop

Building on top of the diversity? Getting as much out of it, as possible?

Being able to communicate precisely?

Replacing useless argues with effective discussions?

Improving your team’s performance?

Being ready to work with geeks, nerds, classical philology alumni and quantum physicists?

All in one room?

And having fun with it?

Believe it or not, it is possible 🙂

Come and join us for the Foundations of Effective Communication workshop!


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Wojciech Burkot

Co-founder and CTO at, developing quantum algorithm designed to solve NP-complete problems. Angel Investor, Advisor and Board Member for several startups including Egzotech, Azimo, Airly and others. Previously, Chief Technology Officer at Grupa Allegro responsible for Marketplace division. Run development of technology, focusing on Mobile and Big Data. Moved to Allegro from Google R&D Center in Krakow, which he set and run as the Site Lead and Engineering Director since 2006.  Prior to Google, Wojtek worked in a number of roles at Motorola. Earlier in his career, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at AGH in Kraków and a researcher at Institute of Nuclear Physics.  Wojtek has a PhD in Physics from the Jagiellonian University.


Paulina Mazurek

Co-founder and CEO at (quantum physics company) and Bitspiration Booster (startups accelerator). Previously, Head of at Allegro R&D center in Kraków, responsible for strengthening  company’s high tech image via brand as well as supporting Polish developers’ and startup communities.

Before, she helped starting up Google’s first R&D site in Poland, then worked as Program Manager, responsible for several programs including “Google for Entrepreneurs Kraków” (GEK), with a goal of building strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Poland.

She got  her M.Sc. in human sciences from the Jagiellonian University, and at the same time, first business experiences at Motorola.



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