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Success story of Tech Leaders mentee

Dorota Kopeć, mentee of the 4th edition of Tech Leaders, tells us how the mentoring program helped her achieve success!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

My name is Dorota Kopec. I am a happy wife and mother. Almost 2 years ago, when my daughter was few months old, I decided to share my knowledge and my motherhood experience with other moms-to-be. I didn’t know at that point that it was a beginning of my wonderful adventure with writing and self-publishing!

When maternity leave was just about to finish, I thought to myself that I need to experience something unique! Despite being loved by my wonderful family I needed something extra that could made me feel that I am more satisfied, and even more important – that my efforts bring value to others!

One day a funny idea crossed my mind: why not to write a book? But about what? And who would even be interested in reading it? Between feeding my baby, changing diapers and all the quiet moments when Julia was asleep, I designed and wrote a book. Combination of a diary: with space for taking notes; and a handbook: with most important tips for pregnancy time and first 12 months of a baby.

Sometimes having great dreams is not enough to make them real. Therefore, being confident that your ideas can materialize is something you need to believe in, not only dream.

One day, my friend told me about Tech Leaders program. Kinga encouraged me to apply. She knew that my product is unique and has a great potential. I felt the same, but the only thing that I was missing was the confidence that I’m on the right path. I knew that I needed a person who would support, motivate and help me building new brand.

I got qualified to the Tech Leaders Program! When I met my mentor, Paulina Wójtowicz, who is a business woman contributing to charity, I instantly felt that her passion is close to my heart. She loves helping others, especially kids and young mothers. 

In 5 months, after a number of coffees, e-mails and workshops, we have crystalized a marketing plan that fit. What is more, thanks to Paulina I also participated in extra conference related to my business needs. She had been supporting me in my tasks and encouraging to take the risk and go forward through the new path. 

Now, being a self-publisher with this extraordinary product „Notatki z Pierwszych Dni: Pamiętnik Młodej Mamy”, I know that I was a good decision joining the Tech Leaders Program. I have built a firm fundamentals of marketing knowledge and learned how to plan better. I am more self-confident and happy that I have a tool to support others. I recommend everyone the same!

Check out Dorota’s product here:

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