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Why machine learning is important?

What is machine learning? Why is it important? Where are the new possibilities connected to this topic? And how is it going to affect our lives?

Our world is constantly changing. Machine learning is redefining all industries and it is changing the world we are living in. It this case, it is just a matter of time. And we should not ask questions like – ‘if’ it will change our lives, but ‘when’.

Firstly, what is machine learning? The simplest answer – it is the subfield of computer science and mathematics . And according to Arthur Samuel’s definition – “field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.

Machine learning creates new space for breakthroughs in each area of our lives. And it is often being seen as same revolution as electricity and internet was in the past. The list of industries it changes is endless – like robotics, manufacturing, sales, marketing, transportation, healthcare and so on.

For example, in healthcare, we can solve most fundamental problems that today’s medicine is facing. You probably heard of da Vinci, the device that helps surgeons in complicated operations (like, for example, cardiac surgery, urologic surgery, head and neck surgery, general surgery and so on). You can see how it works there:
Microsoft’s InnerEye helps with diagnosis using medical imaging. Have a look at how it works:
There is tremendous amount of innovation connected with medicine and technology by machine learning applications. They are being used in drug discovery, drug design, personalised medicine, autonomous robotic surgery and so on. In the future, by collecting, analysing and processing the data we are going to prevent a lot of diseases.

I described few examples of machine learning solutions in medicine, but you can find plenty of others in each industry. The huge impact that it is caused by it, opens the number of possibilities. And I encourage you to learn more about this field.

You can start from the materials crafted by Andrew Ng, Yoshua Bengio. Learn more from online courses, books and other resources available in the internet. In the case, you are in Cracow (Poland), I recommend you to go to Machine Learning Study Group or Women in Technology and Women Techmakers Kraków events.

Author: Ewelina Wołoszyn, CEO @Lonsley

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